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5.『トランプ大統領 首脳会談日程』

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is DEAD as we know it. This was a total disaster and an embarrassment to our great Country and all that it stands for. FAKE NEWS is alive and well and beautifully represented on Saturday night!

現地時間 4/30 8:10

“Kim Prepared to Cede Nuclear Weapons if U.S. Pledges Not to Invade” - from the Failing New York Times. Also, will shut down Nuclear Test Site in May_

現地時間 4/29 22:59

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a failure last year, but this year was an embarrassment to everyone associated with it. The filthy “comedian” totally bombed (couldn’t even deliver her lines-much like the Seth Meyers weak performance). Put Dinner to rest, or start over!

現地時間 4/29 22:38
ホワイトハウス記者夕食会は昨年は失敗、今年は関係者をも困惑させるものだった。あの下品な「コメディアン」がぶち壊した。(ろくに台詞も言えないセス・マイヤーズの下手な演技のようだ) 。夕食会は中止するか、見直すべきだ!

“Trump’s Triumphs are driving his critics Crazy!” Thank you Steve Hilton @NextRevFNC, just want to do what is right for our wonderful U.S.A.

現地時間 4/29 21:29
「トランプの数々の勝利で、彼の批評家たちは怒り狂っているのだ!」とNext Revolution (FOX next channel)。素晴らしい米国のために唯々正しいことをしたいだけなのだ!

Just got recent Poll - much higher than President O at same time....Well, much more has been accomplished!

現地時間 4/29 7:54・日本時間29日夜

While Washington, Michigan, was a big success, Washington, D.C., just didn’t work. Everyone is talking about the fact that the White House Correspondents Dinner was a very big, boring bust...the so-called comedian really “bombed.” @greggutfeld should host next year! @PeteHegseth

現地時間 4/29 7:45・日本時間29日夜
ミシガン州ワシントンは大成功だった一方、ワシントンDCの方は上手く行かなかった。皆がホワイトハウス記者夕食会は酷くつまらないものだったと言っている…コメディアンが「ぶち壊した」らしい。来年はグレッグ・ガットフェルド(FOX司会、タレント)がやるべきだ!(とFOX and friendsのヘグセス氏)

(注) トランプ大統領は去年に続き記者夕食会を欠席。コメディアンのミッチェル・ウルフが批判スピーチをした。

Great evening last night in Washington, Michigan. The enthusiasm, knowledge and love in that room was unreal. To the many thousands of people who couldn’t get in, I cherish you....and will be back!

現地時間 4/29 7:21・日本時間29日夜

Join me LIVE in Washington, Michigan at 7:00pmE on @FoxNews! #MAGA

現地時間 4/28 18:45・日本時間29日朝

Secret Service has just informed me that Senator Jon Tester’s statements on Admiral Jackson are not true. There were no such findings. A horrible thing that we in D.C. must live with, just like phony Russian Collusion. Tester should lose race in Montana. Very dishonest and sick!

現地時間 4/28 15:11・日本時間29日早朝

Look forward to being in the Great State of Michigan tonight. Major business expansion and jobs pouring into your State. Auto companies expanding at record pace. Big crowd tonight, will be live on T.V.

現地時間 4/28 9:54・日本時間28日夜

Just had a long and very good talk with President Moon of South Korea. Things are going very well, time and location of meeting with North Korea is being set. Also spoke to Prime Minister Abe of Japan to inform him of the ongoing negotiations.

現地時間 4/28 9:45・日本時間28日夜

“Clapper lied about (fraudulent) Dossier leaks to CNN” @foxandfriends FoxNews He is a lying machine who now works for Fake News CNN.

現地時間 4/28 8:58・日本時間28日夜
「クラッパーは(捏造)文書流出に関してCNNへ嘘をついた」とFox and friendsが報道。彼は偽ニュースCNNのために働く、嘘つきマシーンだ。

....great people of Montana will not stand for this kind of slander when talking of a great human being. Admiral Jackson is the kind of man that those in Montana would most respect and admire, and now, for no reason whatsoever, his reputation has been shattered. Not fair, Tester!

現地時間 4/28 8:15・日本時間28日夜

Allegations made by Senator Jon Tester against Admiral/Doctor Ron Jackson are proving false. The Secret Service is unable to confirm (in fact they deny) any of the phony Democrat charges which have absolutely devastated the wonderful Jackson family. Tester should resign. The.....

現地時間 4/28 8:07・日本時間28日夜

(注) 大統領の医師ロン・ジャクソン氏は退役軍人省長官へ指名されていたが、職務中飲酒したり薬の扱いが不適切だとされ、指名辞退に至った。

House Intelligence Committee rules that there was NO COLLUSION between the Trump Campaign and Russia. As I have been saying all along, it is all a big Hoax by the Democrats based on payments and lies. There should never have been a Special Councel appointed. Witch Hunt!

現地時間 4/27 22:04・日本時間28日午前

"So today, on behalf of the United States, I want to thank every Olympian and Paralympian... To every member of @TeamUSA, I congratulate you on your achievements that were really a lifetime in the making."

現地時間 4/27 16:01・日本時間28日早朝

I urge all Americans to participate in #takebackday tomorrow! Let’s come together and BEAT last October’s record of disposed prescription pills! Visit takebackday.dea.gov to learn more on how to participate Saturday and every day.

現地時間 4/27 15:23・日本時間28日早朝

"Today I am honored to welcome Chancellor Angela Merkel back to the White House... We are also pleased to have our newly confirmed United States Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell."

現地時間 4/27 14:43・日本時間28日早朝

Just Out: House Intelligence Committee Report released. “No evidence” that the Trump Campaign “colluded, coordinated or conspired with Russia.” Clinton Campaign paid for Opposition Research obtained from Russia- Wow! A total Witch Hunt! MUST END NOW!

現地時間 4/27 10:14・日本時間27日夜

Look forward to meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany today. So much to discuss, so little time! It will be good for both of our great countries!

現地時間 4/27 9:28・日本時間27日夜

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