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5.『トランプ大統領 首脳会談日程』

AP-NORC POLL: “Immigration among the top concerns in 2019.” People want to stop drugs and criminals at the Border. Want Border Security! Tell the Dems to do the inevitable now, rather than later. The wait is costly and dangerous!

現地時間 1/5 20:47
AP-NORCの世論調査より「2019年最大の懸念は移民問題」だという。国民は、国境での麻薬や犯罪の流入阻止を願い、国境の安全を望んでいるのだ! 今すぐ、この避けられない問題を民主党に突きつけるのだ。遅延により費用や危険は増すばかりだ

“The number of employed Americans has now set a 14th record under President Trump. Over the year, average hourly earnings have increased by 84 cents, or 3.2%. Participation Rate hits Trump-Era High.” CNS NEWS. And we will do even better with new trade deals and all else!

現地時間 1/5 20:35

“Jobs up big, plus 312,000. Record number working. Manufacturing best in 20 years (Previous administration said this could not happen). Hispanic unemployment lowest ever. Dow plus 747 (for day).” @DRUDGE_REPORT

現地時間 1/5 20:00
「雇用は31.2万人の大幅増。記録的雇用者数だ。製造業は20年で最高(前政権は達成できないと言っていた) 。ヒスパニックの失業率は過去最低。ダウ平均は747ポイント上昇(一日)」ドラッジ・レポートより。

V.P. Mike Pence and team just left the White House. Briefed me on their meeting with the Schumer/Pelosi representatives. Not much headway made today. Second meeting set for tomorrow. After so many decades, must finally and permanently fix the problems on the Southern Border!

現地時間 1/5 16:05

Drug makers and companies are not living up to their commitments on pricing. Not being fair to the consumer, or to our Country!

現地時間 1/5 15:49

“Former @NYTimes editor Jill Abramson rips paper’s ‘unmistakably anti-Trump’ bias.” Ms. Abramson is 100% correct. Horrible and totally dishonest reporting on almost everything they write. Hence the term Fake News, Enemy of the People, and Opposition Party!

現地時間 1/5 12:27
「元タイムズ紙編集者ジル・アブラムソンが、タイムズ紙は "紛れもなくアンチトランプ" だと批判」

Great Tweet today by Tyler Q. Houlton @SpoxDHS on the #FakeNews being put out by @CNN, a proud member of the Opposition Party. @TSA is doing a great job!

現地時間 1/5 11:13
誇れる野党メンバーであるCNNによる偽ニュースに関して、国土安全保障省のタイラー・Q・ホールトン報道官が素晴らしいツイートをしてくれた。運輸保安庁(TSA) は素晴らしい仕事をしている!

The Democrats want Billions of Dollars for Foreign Aid, but they don’t want to spend a small fraction of that number on properly securing our Border. Figure that one out!

現地時間 1/5 10:54

We are working hard at the Border, but we need a WALL! In 2018, 1.7 million pounds of narcotics seized, 17,000 adults arrested with criminal records, and 6000 gang members, including MS-13, apprehended. A big Human Trafficking problem.

現地時間 1/5 10:16

I don’t care that most of the workers not getting paid are Democrats, I want to stop the Shutdown as soon as we are in agreement on Strong Border Security! I am in the White House ready to go, where are the Dems?

現地時間 1/5 9:48

Many people currently a part of my opposition, including President Obama & the Dems, have had campaign violations, in some cases for very large sums of money. These are civil cases. They paid a fine & settled. While no big deal, I did not commit a campaign violation!

現地時間 1/5 8:55

The Democrats could solve the Shutdown problem in a very short period of time. All they have to do is approve REAL Border Security (including a Wall), something which everyone, other than drug dealers, human traffickers and criminals, want very badly! This would be so easy to do!

現地時間 1/5 7:57
民主党は政府閉鎖を短期間で解決できるのだ。やるべき事はただ、真の国境の安全(壁を含む) を承認すること。麻薬密売人や人身売買人、犯罪者以外の皆が切に望んでいる事だ! これはとても簡単にできることなのだ!

Great support coming from all sides for Border Security (including Wall) on our very dangerous Southern Border. Teams negotiating this weekend! Washington Post and NBC reporting of events, including Fake sources, has been very inaccurate (to put it mildly)!

現地時間 1/5 7:31
メキシコ国境の安全(壁を含め) に関し全方面から素晴らしい支援がある。今週末交渉を行う! ワシントンポスト、NBCはこれを偽ソースを用いて報道、不誠実だ(柔らかな言葉で) !

Thank you to Kanye West for your nice words. Criminal Justice Reform is now law - passed in a very bipartisan way!

現地時間 1/5 7:17

Great new book by Dr. Robert Jeffress, “Choosing the Extraordinary Life.” Get it and enjoy! @LouDobbs

現地時間 1/4 20:10
ロバート・ジェフレス博士 (司祭) の素晴らしい新著「Choosing the Extraordinary Life (素晴らしき人生の選択) 」買って楽しんでくれ!

The story in the New York Times regarding Jim Webb being considered as the next Secretary of Defense is FAKE NEWS. I’m sure he is a fine man, but I don’t know Jim, and never met him. Patrick Shanahan, who is Acting Secretary of Defense, is doing a great job!

現地時間 1/4 16:45

“Job growth surges by 312,000 in December”

現地時間 1/4 15:36


現地時間 1/4 9:39

(注) 労働省によると、12月の雇用者数が31.2万人で予測の17.7万人を大きく上回った。

How do you impeach a president who has won perhaps the greatest election of all time, done nothing wrong (no Collusion with Russia, it was the Dems that Colluded), had the most successful first two years of any president, and is the most popular Republican in party history 93%?

現地時間 1/4 8:16
おそらく史上最も素晴らしい選挙勝利をし、一切悪い事をしていなく (ロシア共謀はなく、民主党のみがやっていた) 、就任2年の大統領の中で最も成功し、共和党の歴史の中でも93%と最も高い支持率の大統領をどうして弾劾などできようか?

As I have stated many times, if the Democrats take over the House or Senate, there will be disruption to the Financial Markets. We won the Senate, they won the House. Things will settle down. They only want to impeach me because they know they can’t win in 2020, too much success!

現地時間 1/4 8:06

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