5.『トランプ大統領 首脳会談日程』


現地時間 11/13 9:18

The problem is that Emmanuel suffers from a very low Approval Rating in France, 26%, and an unemployment rate of almost 10%. He was just trying to get onto another subject. By the way, there is no country more Nationalist than France, very proud people-and rightfully so!........

現地時間 11/13 9:17

On Trade, France makes excellent wine, but so does the U.S. The problem is that France makes it very hard for the U.S. to sell its wines into France, and charges big Tariffs, whereas the U.S. makes it easy for French wines, and charges very small Tariffs. Not fair, must change!

現地時間 11/13 9:07

Emmanuel Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China and Russia. But it was Germany in World Wars One & Two - How did that work out for France? They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not!

現地時間 11/13 7:50
エマヌエル・マクロンは米国、中国、ロシアに対抗するため自国の陸軍創設をほのめかした。だが、2つの大戦では(敵は) ドイツだった。フランスはこの時どうしたのだ?米国が来る前、パリではドイツの事が分かり始めていただろう。NATOに金を出すのか、出さないのか!

I just approved an expedited request for a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of California. Wanted to respond quickly in order to alleviate some of the incredible suffering going on. I am with you all the way. God Bless all of the victims and families affected.

現地時間 11/12 21:19

Hopefully, Saudi Arabia and OPEC will not be cutting oil production. Oil prices should be much lower based on supply!

現地時間 11/12 13:21

American Cable Association has big problems with Comcast. They say that Comcast routinely violates Antitrust Laws. “These guys are acting much worse, and have much more potential for damage to consumers, than anything AT&T-Time Warner would do.” Charlie Gasparino

現地時間 11/12 14:13

The California Fire Fighters, FEMA and First Responders are amazing and very brave. Thank you and God Bless you all!

現地時間 11/12 12:31

The prospect of Presidential Harassment by the Dems is causing the Stock Market big headaches!

現地時間 11/12 11:34

The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged. An honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!

現地時間 11/12 8:44

.....of money spent on protecting other countries, and we get nothing but Trade Deficits and Losses. It is time that these very rich countries either pay the United States for its great military protection, or protect themselves...and Trade must be made FREE and FAIR!

現地時間 11/12 8:21

.....hundreds of billions of dollars, for the great privilege of losing hundreds of billions of dollars with these same countries on trade. I told them that this situation cannot continue - It is, and always has been, ridiculously unfair to the United States. Massive amounts.....

現地時間 11/12 8:10

Just returned from France where much was accomplished in my meetings with World Leaders. Never easy bringing up the fact that the U.S. must be treated fairly, which it hasn’t, on both Military and Trade. We pay for LARGE portions of other countries military protection,........

現地時間 11/12 8:03
各国首脳との会談で多くの成果があったフランスから戻ったところだ。米国が、軍事面でも貿易面でも、公平に扱われるべきだ(公平に扱われてはこなかった) と切り出すのはいつも容易ではない。米国は他国の防衛費で何百何千万ドルもの多額の負担をしている…

Exactly 100 years ago today, on November 11th, 1918, World War I came to an end. We are gathered together, at this hallowed resting place, to pay tribute to the brave Americans who gave their last breath in that mighty struggle....

現地時間 11/12 0:38

Today we remember the brave actions of our troops and those of our allies during WWI. Honored to be spending this day honoring heroes in Paris. #VeteransDay

現地時間 11/11 15:44

Poland, a great country - Congratulations on the 100th Anniversary of your Independence. I will never forget my time there!

現地時間 11/11 12:03

President Trump Attends the American Commemoration Ceremony at Suresnes American Cemetery

現地時間 11/11 11:05

Beautiful ceremony today in Paris commemorating the end of World War One. Many World leaders in attendance. Thank you to @EmmanuelMacron, President of France! Now off to Suresnes American Cemetery to make speech in honor of our great heroes! Then back to the U.S.A.

現地時間 11/11 10:52

On this Veterans Day - the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI, we honor the brave HEROES who fought for America in the Great War, and every Veteran who has worn the uniform and kept our Nation Safe, Strong and FREE! 45.wh.gov/SNbkPe

現地時間 11/11 10:16

With proper Forest Management, we can stop the devastation constantly going on in California. Get Smart!

現地時間 11/11 5:40

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