5.『トランプ大統領 首脳会談日程』

It was a pleasure having @FirstLadyKenya at the @WhiteHouse today. I enjoyed learning about @BeyondZeroKenya & discussing our shared concerns for the well-being of children. #BeBest

現地時間 8/27 17:58
今日ホワイトハウスにケニアのファーストレディをお招きし光栄でした。ケニアの(母子の健康に関する) Beyond Zeroキャンペーンを知り、子どもの健康という共通の課題を議論しました。

United States-Mexico Trade Agreement: whitehouse.gov/briefings-stat…

現地時間 8/27 14:11
米国とメキシコの貿易協定: ホワイトハウス文書(メキシコ ペニャニエト大統領と電話のやりとり)

[動画: NAFTA再交渉合意。米国の貿易にとって素晴らしい日になった。カナダとの協議も間もなく始まることになるだろう。]

Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona is doing a great job. It would be really nice to show your support tomorrow by voting for him in Tuesdays Primary. Doug is strong on Crime, the Border, and our Second Amendment. Loves our Military & our Vets. He has my full and complete Endorsement.

現地時間 8/27 13:22

Congressman Ron DeSantis is a special person who has done an incredible job. He is running in Tuesdays Primary for Governor of Florida….Strong on Crime, Borders and wants Low Taxes. He will be a great Governor and has my full and total Endorsement!

現地時間 8/27 13:20

Rick Scott of Florida is doing a fantastic job as Governor. Jobs are pouring into the State and its economic health is better than ever before. He is strong on Crime, Borders, and loves our Military and Vets. Vote for Rick on Tuesday!

現地時間 8/27 13:19

A big deal looking good with Mexico!

現地時間 8/27 9:39

The Fake News Media worked hard to get Tiger Woods to say something that he didn’t want to say. Tiger wouldn’t play the game - he is very smart. More importantly, he is playing great golf again!

現地時間 8/27 9:37

(注) トランプの脅しや政策について聞かれ、「大統領が誰であれ尊敬すべき」等と答えた。

Thank you to the great @JimBrownNFL32, perhaps the greatest running back of all time, for your wonderful words and support. Since our meeting in New York, African-American UNEMPLOYMENT has reached the LOWEST LEVEL IN HISTORY. You get it!

現地時間 8/27 8:57
恐らく史上最高のランニングバックであるジム・ブラウン(NFL選手) の素晴らしいコメントと支援に感謝。ニューヨークで会って以来、黒人失業率は史上最低を記録した。期待の通りだ!

(注) FOXのスポーツラジオ番組で、「トランプを応援している、この発言で黒人や国民から批判されるだろうが、今政権に期待を感じている。」等と発言。

Over 90% approval rating for your all time favorite (I hope) President within the Republican Party and 52% overall. This despite all of the made up stories by the Fake News Media trying endlessly to make me look as bad and evil as possible. Look at the real villains please!

現地時間 8/26 20:39
史上最も人気 (だと願う) の大統領は、共和党内で90%以上の支持率、全体では52%の支持率だ。私を出来るだけ悪く見せようとする偽ニュースのねつ造報道がありながらこれだ。本物の悪人を見てくれ!

“Mainstream Media tries to rewrite history to credit Obama for Trump accomplishments. Since President Trump took office, the economy is booming. The stronger the economy gets, the more desperate his critics are. O had weakest recovery since Great Depression.” @WashTimes

現地時間 8/26 18:01

Fantastic numbers on consumer spending released on Friday. Stock Market hits all time high!

現地時間 8/26 10:31

...And it will get, as I have always said, much better from even here!

現地時間 8/26 10:27
…そして、いつも言っているように、今後も更に(経済は) 良くなるだろう!
[自身のツイート引用: 米国経済は実に様々な記録を更新している。恐らく史上どの国と比べても最高だ。選挙以来、驚異的な価値が生み出されている。世界は米国を再び尊敬している!企業は米国に戻っているのだ。]

My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!

現地時間 8/25 20:44・日本時間26日朝

Stock Market hit all time high on Friday. Congratulations U.S.A.!

現地時間 8/25 19:45・日本時間26日朝

Our relationship with Mexico is getting closer by the hour. Some really good people within both the new and old government, and all working closely together....A big Trade Agreement with Mexico could be happening soon!

現地時間 8/25 9:22・日本時間25日夜

“The FBI looked at less than 1%” of Crooked’s Emails!

現地時間 8/25 9:14・日本時間25日夜
「FBIはいかさま(ヒラリー) のメールを1%未満しか見ていない!

“The FBI only looked at 3000 of 675,000 Crooked Hillary Clinton Emails.” They purposely didn’t look at the disasters. This news is just out. @FoxNews

現地時間 8/25 9:11・日本時間25日夜

Big story out that the FBI ignored tens of thousands of Crooked Hillary Emails, many of which are REALLY BAD. Also gave false election info. I feel sure that we will soon be getting to the bottom of all of this corruption. At some point I may have to get involved!

現地時間 8/25 9:05・日本時間25日夜
FBIがヒラリーの数万ものメール (そのうちいくつかは酷い内容) を放免したとの大ニュースだ。また嘘の選挙情報もあるいう。私はすぐにこの腐敗の根底にあるものが明らかになると確信している。どこかの時点で私が関わらなくてはならないだろう!

.@LindseyGrahamSC “Every President deserves an Attorney General they have confidence in. I believe every President has a right to their Cabinet, these are not lifetime appointments. You serve at the pleasure of the President.”

現地時間 8/25 8:46・日本時間25日夜
リンゼー・グラム(サウスカロライナ州) 上院議員: 「どの大統領も信頼できる司法長官を持つ権利がある。大統領には閣僚決定権があるが、これは終身雇用ではないはずだ。閣僚は大統領の為に働かなければならない。」

Jeff Sessions said he wouldn’t allow politics to influence him only because he doesn’t understand what is happening underneath his command position. Highly conflicted Bob Mueller and his gang of 17 Angry Dems are having a field day as real corruption goes untouched. No Collusion!

現地時間 8/25 8:36・日本時間25日夜

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