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5.『トランプ大統領 首脳会談日程』

We stand firmly, strongly, and proudly with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. You do not hear it nearly enough, but Americans across this Country love you, support you, and respect you more than you could possibly know! #PeaceOfficersMemorialDay

現地時間 5/15 14:56

The courage & sacrifice of our heroes is the reason our flag stands tall, our hearts beat with pride, and our Country remains one people, one family, and one NATION UNDER GOD. Today, we thank you, we honor you, & we forever cherish the memory of our Fallen Men and Women in Blue!

現地時間 5/15 14:20

Thank you Joe and remember, the BRAIN is much sharper also!

現地時間 5/15 8:53
ありがとうジョー(スカーボロ) 、そして頭もずっと冴えているぞ!
[ポール・ベダード(ワシントンイグザミナー記者) のツイート:トランプは多くの民主党候補よりも20歳若く見える、とジョー・スカーボロ(Fox司会者)]

Very proud of @realDonaldTrump - he is going an amazing job! Trump Average Approval Ratings Skyrocket To Highest Point In Years - The Daily Caller

現地時間 5/15 8:03

Spare me? First you have never created a job in your life. Second, our great city has gone to shit under your leadership. Crime is up, the men & women of the NYPD detest you, homelessness is rampant, our streets are dirty and people are leaving our city in record numbers.

現地時間 5/14 14:35
見逃してくれと? 何も仕事をしていない上、あなたの指導力のなさで私たちの素晴らしい街はひどくなってしまった。犯罪増加、警察からの信頼ゼロ、あちこちにホームレスがいる、街は汚れ、記録的な人々の流出。

The golden era of American energy is now underway!

現地時間 5/14 20:25

With incredible grit, skill, and pride, the 7,000 workers here at Sempra Energy are helping lead the American Energy Revolution. They are not only making our nation WEALTHIER but they are making America SAFER by building a future of American Energy INDEPENDENCE!

現地時間 5/14 17:14

It is great to be here in Hackberry, Louisiana with the incredible men and women who are making America into the energy superpower of the world!

現地時間 5/14 16:45

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel. Our beautiful embassy stands as a proud reminder of our strong relationship with Israel and of the importance of keeping a promise and standing for the truth.

現地時間 5/14 12:27

When Prime Minister @AbeShinzo of Japan visited with me in the @WhiteHouse two weeks ago, I told him that I would be going to the G20 in Osaka, Japan. I look forward to being with him and other World Leaders!

現地時間 5/14 11:43

Our great Senator (and Star) from the State of Arkansas, @TomCottonAR, has just completed a wonderful book, “Sacred Duty,” about Arlington National Cemetery and the men and women who serve with such love and devotion. On sale today, make it big!

現地時間 5/14 10:59
我が偉大なスター、アーカンソー州のトム・コットン上院議員が素晴らしい著作本、「Sacred Duty」を出版。アーリントン国立墓地や兵士らに関する本だ。今日発売、大成功に期待!

China will be pumping money into their system and probably reducing interest rates, as always, in order to make up for the business they are, and will be, losing. If the Federal Reserve ever did a “match,” it would be game over, we win! In any event, China wants a deal!

現地時間 5/14 8:35

Our great Patriot Farmers will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of what is happening now. Hopefully China will do us the honor of continuing to buy our great farm product, the best, but if not your Country will be making up the difference based on a very high China buy...... ....This money will come from the massive Tariffs being paid to the United States for allowing China, and others, to do business with us. The Farmers have been “forgotten” for many years. Their time is now!

現地時間 5/14 7:29

When the time is right we will make a deal with China. My respect and friendship with President Xi is unlimited but, as I have told him many times before, this must be a great deal for the United States or it just doesn’t make any sense. We have to be allowed to make up some..... ....of the tremendous ground we have lost to China on Trade since the ridiculous one sided formation of the WTO. It will all happen, and much faster than people think!

現地時間 5/14 7:16

We can make a deal with China tomorrow, before their companies start leaving so as not to lose USA business, but the last time we were close they wanted to renegotiate the deal. No way! We are in a much better position now than any deal we could have made. Will be taking in..... Billions of Dollars, and moving jobs back to the USA where they belong. Other countries are already negotiating with us because they don’t want this to happen to them. They must be a part of USA action. This should have been done by our leaders many years ago. Enjoy!

現地時間 5/14 6:51
米国とのビジネスを失わないようにと中国企業が海外移転する前に、明日、中国との協定を結ぶのは可能だ。だが前回ほぼ決まりかけた時、中国側は再交渉を要求してきたのだ。あり得ない! 我々は最良の条件を出しているのだ。

China buys MUCH less from us than we buy from them, by almost 500 Billion Dollars, so we are in a fantastic position. Make your product at home in the USA and there is no Tariff. You can also buy from a non-Tariffed country instead of China. Many companies are leaving China..... ....so that they will be more competitive for USA buyers. We are now a much bigger economy than China, and have substantially increased in size since the great 2016 Election. We are the “piggy bank” that everyone wants to raid and take advantage of. NO MORE!

現地時間 5/14 6:31

In one year Tariffs have rebuilt our Steel Industry - it is booming! We placed a 25% Tariff on “dumped” steel from China & other countries, and we now have a big and growing industry. We had to save Steel for our defense and auto industries, both of which are coming back strong!

現地時間 5/14 6:15

I met Marine Sgt. John Peck, a quadruple amputee who has received a double arm transplant, at Walter Reed in 2017. Today, it was my honor to welcome John (HERO) to the Oval, with his wonderful wife Jessica. He also wrote a book that I highly recommend, “Rebuilding Sergeant Peck.”

現地時間 5/13 19:15
2017年ウオーターリード軍事病院で肩の移植を受けた、四肢切断者のジョン・ペック元海兵隊軍曹に会った。今日はジョン(ヒーロー) と妻ジェシカを執務室に呼ぶことができ光栄だった。彼は「ペック軍曹再建」という本を出している、大変お勧めだ。

Wishing former President Jimmy Carter a speedy recovery from his hip surgery earlier today. He was in such good spirits when we spoke last month - he will be fine!

現地時間 5/13 18:31

Great to welcome Chairman Shin from Lotte Group to the WH. They just invested $3.1 BILLION into Louisiana-biggest investment in U.S. EVER from a South Korean company, & thousands more jobs for Americans. Great partners like ROK know the U.S. economy is running stronger than ever!

現地時間 5/13 17:53
ロッテグループのシン(ドンビン) CEOをホワイトハウスに歓迎。ルイジアナへの31億ドル投資を決めており、千人以上の雇用を創出する韓国企業による米国内での最大規模の投資だ。韓国のような素晴らしいパートナーは、米国経済が過去最高なのをよくわかっている!

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