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5.『トランプ大統領 首脳会談日程』

When the Mueller Report came out showing NO Collusion with Russia (of course), it was supposed to be over, back to work for the people. But the Dems have gone “nuts,” and it has actually gotten worse! Hope the Republicans win back the House in 2020, or little will get done!

現地時間 5/12 19:16
ロシアとの共謀なし、司法妨害なし(当然だ) のモラー報告書が公表された際、事は終結し、人々のための仕事に戻れると思われた。だが、民主党は頭が逝かれてしまい、実際には更に悪化している!共和党が下院を奪回するのを願う、そうでないと殆ど何も成し遂げられない!

Ever since the Mueller Report showed No Collusion & No Obstruction, the Dems have been working overtime to damage me and the Republican Party by issuing over 80 demands for documents and testimonies, and with NO REASON. That’s all they want to do - don’t care about anything else!

現地時間 5/12 19:10

Despite two years and millions of dollars spent, the Democrats are acting like crazed lunatics ever since the results of the Mueller Report were made public. But they knew there was NOTHING even before the Report was started. It is all a big Hoax, the biggest in American history!

現地時間 5/12 19:03

The Democrats new and pathetically untrue sound bite is that we are in a “Constitutional Crisis.” They and their partner, the Fake News Media, are all told to say this as loud and as often as possible. They are a sad JOKE! We may have the strongest Economy in our history, best... ....employment numbers ever, low taxes & regulations, a rebuilt military & V.A., many great new judges, & so much more. But we have had a giant SCAM perpetrated upon our nation, a Witch Hunt, a Treasonous Hoax. That is the Constitutional Crisis & hopefully guilty people will pay!

現地時間 5/12 17:35

We are right where we want to be with China. Remember, they broke the deal with us & tried to renegotiate. We will be taking in Tens of Billions of Dollars in Tariffs from China. Buyers of product can make it themselves in the USA (ideal), or buy it from non-Tariffed countries... ....We will then spend (match or better) the money that China may no longer be spending with our Great Patriot Farmers (Agriculture), which is a small percentage of total Tariffs received, and distribute the food to starving people in nations around the world! GREAT! #MAGA

現地時間 5/12 17:06
米国が求める中国との関係は正しい。思い出してくれ、中国は協定を破り、再交渉しようとしたのだ。中国からは数百億ドルの関税が入ってくる。中国から買っていた製品は自国の米国で作るか (理想的) 関税のない国から購入すれば良い。
我々は中国が我が愛国農家(農業) のためにもう費やさない分(関税のほんの一部) で、世界の飢える国に与えるのだ!素晴らしい!

The @realDonaldTrump effect on the 2020 Senate Map: Chuck Schumer is 0-7 in recruiting Senate challengers!

現地時間 5/11 12:01

Republicans and @realDonaldTrump are delivering for Americans: *6M new jobs *Unemployment at 3.6%, the lowest since 1969. Meanwhile, Democrats are fantasizing over baseless impeachment, government-run health care, and the socialist Green New Deal.

現地時間 5/12 16:14

President @realDonaldTrump put forward 4 principles to protect American patients from the financial devastation of surprise medical bills. It’s time for Congress to get legislation to his desk!

現地時間 5/12 18:21

Schiff knew. Comey knew. Obama knew. Susan Rice knew. Biden knew. Brennan knew. Clapper knew. Peter Strzok knew. Lisa Page knew. Andrew McCabe knew. They all knew there was no evidence of @RealDonaldTrump Russia collusion. youtu.be/Tea3dx7Tcxk

現地時間 5/12 8:52

Really sad!

現地時間 5/12 13:54
[John Cardillo(元NY警察)のツイート引用:リチャード・バーによるトランプ・ジュニア召喚でノースカロライナ州内反発加熱]


現地時間 5/12 13:52

I know he won’t do this, because obviously the political narrative is important to him and people around him, but Mueller should say, “I wrote a 400-page report. That’s my testimony. Do with it what you will.”

現地時間 5/10 13:41

[Brian Stelterのツイート引用:ロバート・モラーの証言に関し、来週とはいかないが、彼や司法省と調整中だ。)

.@KimStrassel discusses what she wrote about in her column today re: how very powerful people in DC are panicking because AG Barr is investigating how the whole Russia hoax started. This is why they are frantically trying to discredit him. foxnews.com/opinion/kimber…

現地時間 5/3 21:23
Lisa Mei Crowleyをリツイート

Yap Candace! No one in their right mind believes the crazy looney toon things coming out of the left. They have invested too much in their Trump is a white Supremacist, literally Hitler Russian Agent... They must double down even in the face of blatant evidence to the contrary

現地時間 5/12 11:49
Mellisa A.をリツイート
そうだ、キャンディス(・オーウェンズ)! まともな人はそんな馬鹿な話は信じないのだ。トランプが白人至上主義だとか、ヒットラーやロシアスパイだといって税金をつぎ込んだ…

Because if they acknowledge the reality that Trump is neither of those things, they would be essentially admitting to have been running hoaxes for 2 years & defrauding the country. They can’t do that. The only other option is doubling down on what they know are Delusions

現地時間 5/12 11:53
Mellisa A.をリツイート

Big attacks on Republicans and Conservatives by Social Media. Not good!

現地時間 5/12 13:12


現地時間 5/12 13:11

Think of it. I became President of the United States in one of the most hard fought and consequential elections in the history of our great nation. From long before I ever took office, I was under a sick & unlawful investigation concerning what has become known as the Russian.... ....Hoax. My campaign was being seriously spied upon by intel agencies and the Democrats. This never happened before in American history, and it all turned out to be a total scam, a Witch Hunt, that yielded No Collusion, No Obstruction. This must never be allowed to happen again!

現地時間 5/12 7:04

Under the leadership of @Potus Trump our economy is roaring. Businesses large and small have created more than 5.8 million jobs, unemployment is at a nearly 50-year low, and there are more Americans working today than ever before in the history of this country!

現地時間 511 18:24

“The Democrats have nothing. Just want to distract from this President. The FBI was not doing its job, the State Department was covering things up everyday for Hillary. At the end of the day they’re fearful of what they did, and should be fearful. This is a tough..... ....President who is willing to have the battle, and we have a great Attorney General who is willing to lead the battle, and they are going to get to the bottom of it.” @EdRollins @LouDobbs

現地時間 5/12 6:33

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