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5.『トランプ大統領 首脳会談日程』

Now Mini Mike Bloomberg is critical of Jack Wilson, who saved perhaps hundreds of people in a Church because he was carrying a gun, and knew how to use it. Jack quickly killed the shooter, who was beginning a rampage. Mini is against the 2nd A. His ads are Fake, just like him!

現地時間 1/19 16:12

I have never seen the Republican Party as Strong and as Unified as it is right now. Thank you!

現地時間 1/19 13:24

I will be going to Austin, Texas. Leaving soon. Always like (love!) being in the Lone Star State. Speaking to our great Farmers. They hit “paydirt” with our incredible new Trade Deals: CHINA, JAPAN, MEXICO, CANADA, SOUTH KOREA, and many others!

現地時間 1/19 12:44


現地時間 1/18 23:30

“Nancy Pelosi said, it’s not a question of proof, it’s a question of allegations! Oh really?” @JudgeJeanine @FoxNews What a disgrace this Impeachment Scam is for our great Country!

現地時間 1/18 21:12

If you listened to the flawed advice of @paulkrugman at the @nytimes, a newspaper that was going broke until I came along, you would have entirely missed the RECORD BREAKING Stock Market (and other) numbers produced since Election Day, 2016. Sorry, those are the FACTS..... ....BUT THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

現地時間 1/18 19:52

A massive 200 Billion Dollar Sea Wall, built around New York to protect it from rare storms, is a costly, foolish & environmentally unfriendly idea that, when needed, probably won’t work anyway. It will also look terrible. Sorry, you’ll just have to get your mops & buckets ready!

現地時間 1/18 18:18

Another Fake Book by two third rate Washington Post reporters, has already proven to be inaccurately reported, to their great embarrassment, all for the purpose of demeaning and belittling a President who is getting great things done for our Country, at a record clip. Thank you!

現地時間 1/18 18:16

They are taking the Democrat Nomination away from Crazy Bernie, just like last time. Some things never change!

現地時間 1/18 17:58

95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, A Record. Thank You!

現地時間 1/18 17:56

“Trade Deals Drive Stocks To Record Highs.” @FoxNews

現地時間 1/18 8:35

“Day after day, really good news on the economy. By the way, this didn’t just happen by accident, it’s the result of a lot of the policies that Donald Trump has put into place. Obviously, the Tax Cut, and now we have these two BIG trade deals.” @StephenMoore Great future growth!

現地時間 1/18 8:33

Tremendous surge in new housing construction in December, 16.9%, biggest in many years!

現地時間 1/18 8:19

A great day at the White House for our National Champions, the LSU Tigers!

現地時間 1/18 8:09
[Ja’Marr Chase:ホワイトハウスでエキサイティングな日!]


現地時間 1/17 19:57

The noble people of Iran-who love America-deserve a government that’s more interested in helping them achieve their dreams than killing them for demanding respect. Instead of leading Iran toward ruin, its leaders should abandon terror and Make Iran Great Again!

現地時間 1/17 18:10

The so-called “Supreme Leader” of Iran, who has not been so Supreme lately, had some nasty things to say about the United States and Europe. Their economy is crashing, and their people are suffering. He should be very careful with his words!

現地時間 1/17 17:22

Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you Dems!

現地時間 1/17 17:22

Words of wisdom. Thank you Ted!

現地時間 1/17 17:22

Heading to Florida for big Republican Party event. New Stock Market Record. Jobs in USA at all-time high!

現地時間 1/17 15:10

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