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5.『トランプ大統領 首脳会談日程』

BREAKING: Obama knew -- FBI admits it found Clinton Emails in Obama WH! PLUS @JudicialWatch is already investigating the investigators -- 43 lawsuits to expose the Coup/Deep State attack on @RealDonaldTrump. Mega Judicial Watch Update! youtu.be/FwDXRyP66rA

現地時間 4/26 19:44
トム・フィットン(Judicial Watch社長) をリツイート
最新:オバマは知っていた。FBIはクリントンのメールを知っていた!Judicial Watchは既に捜査員を調査中。クーデターと闇の政府を暴く43の訴訟。最新大ニュース!

Audience to CNN, adios

現地時間 5/1 7:31

.@CNN you might want to rethink your narrative - clearly people don’t like your message. Truly shocking to me that any of you (especially your executives) still have jobs given these numbers. #Winning CNN Drops 26% In Prime Time

現地時間 5/1 9:18
CNNはその論調を考え直すべきだろう。国民は報道をよく思っていないのだ。 CNNゴールデンタイム視聴率26%の落ち。[Forbes記事:CNNゴールデンタイム視聴率26%の落ち。Foxが四月のケーブル視聴率独占]

The Democratic Party has no message, accomplishments or leadership so all they do is harass my father & our family. Congress do you job - the American people are sick of your total incompetence. Eric Trump blasts House subpoenas | TheHill

現地時間 4/30 14:07
民主党には、メッセージ性も成果も指導力もなく、ただ父や私たち家族に嫌がらせをしているだけだ。議会は本業に戻るのだ、国民は無能さに呆れている。エリック・トランプ、下院召喚を批判。(The Hill記事)

Barr: Was my letter inaccurate?Mueller: No.Barr: Was the media coverage of my letter inaccurate?Mueller: Yes.

現地時間 4/30 20:31
バー(司法長官) :私の(ロシア捜査) メモは不適切だったか?モラー(特別検察官) :いや。バー:私のメモのメディア報道は不適切だったか?モラー:そうだ。

As a Phoenix firefighter and member of the IAFF I was surprised and pleased to learn that the only money that goes to federal elections (Joe Biden) come from the IAFF ‘s Firepac.Donations many of us are going to the union office to cancel immediately#FirefightersForTrump

現地時間 4/29 23:22
AI Dresser(消防士)をリツイート
フォニックスの消防士そして国際消防士協会の一員として、連邦選挙(ジョー・バイデン) に出る金が協会の政治委員会から出ていると知り、驚き嬉しく思う。多くの会員が基金のキャンセルに向かっている。

NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION. Besides, how can you have Obstruction when not only was there No Collusion (by Trump), but the bad actions were done by the “other” side? The greatest con-job in the history of American Politics!

現地時間 5/1 9:03
共謀なし、妨害なし。更に(トランプによる) 妨害がなかっただけでなく、向こう側からの不当行為を受け、政治史上最大の汚職があったのにどうしたら司法妨害ができるというのだ?

Why didn’t President Obama do something about Russia in September (before November Election) when told by the FBI? He did NOTHING, and had no intention of doing anything!

現地時間 5/1 8:28
何故オバマはFBIからの報告を受けた9(11月の選挙前) のうちに、ロシアへ何らかの対応をしなかったのだろう? 彼は何もせず、何の対策もする気がなかったのだ!

Congress must change the Immigration Laws now, Dems won’t act. Wall is being built - 400 miles by end of next year. Mexico must stop the march to Border! @foxandfriends

現地時間 5/1 8:06

“No President in history has endured such vicious personal attacks by political opponents. Still, the President’s record is unparalleled.” @LouDobbs

現地時間 5/1 7:11

Gallup Poll: 56% of Americans rate their financial situation as excellent or good. This is the highest number since 2002, and up 10 points since 2016.

現地時間 5/1 7:01

I am overriding the Decommission Order of the magnificent aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, built in 1998 (fairly new), and considered one of the largest and finest in the world. It will be updated at a fraction of the cost of a new one (which also are being built)!

現地時間 5/1 6:50
私は、1998年建造(新しい方だ)、世界最大かつ最高の1つと考えられている空母ハリー・S・トルーマンの退役指示を撤回中だ。改装は新設費用(増築中) と比べたら少しで済むのだ。

“The Democrats can’t come to grips with the fact that there was No Collusion, there was No Conspiracy, there was No Obstruction. What we should be focused on is what’s been going on in our government, at the highest levels of the FBI....” Senator Josh Hawley

現地時間 5/1 6:36

I cannot wait to vote for the greatest president ever

現地時間 5/1 6:09
Saul pavlinsky Sr元海軍兵をリツイート

24 years plus firefighter here,& there’s no chance Biden is my choice. #NoMoJoe Actually, no one on the left has the American workers best interests in mind. Higher taxes, bigger government & mass giveaway plans does not help the American “Worker”. @POTUS works 4 every American

現地時間 4/30 15:25
Scott T. Bepler(Sam’s Dad) 海軍、消防士をリツイート

The ONLY reason why Joe Biden is able to get into this race is he knows for a fact that the democrat media will never dare to ask him a question about the corrupt Obama administration’s scandals, or about his dealings with Ukraine companies and government on behalf of his son.

現地時間 4/29 19:10
JPR jrをリツイート

Nope not me either. I’m not voting for crazy Joe. My support is behind @realDonaldTrump in 2020!

現地時間 5/1 6:09
BIG Georgeをリツイート

Lousy choice

現地時間 4/30 9:01
Bob Williamsをリツイート

Why would any firefighter of service vote for him? @realDonaldTrump is the way to go.

現地時間 5/1 6:04
DJ Daniel01をリツイート
バイデンに投票する消防士がいるというのか? トランプが勝つだろう。

As a retired Firefighter, I can only speak for my fellow retirees,and I can assure you NONE of us support him,OR the unions decision.

現地時間 4/30 12:08
Deplorable Bartey元消防司令長をリツイート

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